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Time of India

"A perfect restaurant in every aspect. Great food, interesting menu, European service and excellent desserts."

Mail Today

"Artusi therefore is not just any other Italian restaurant. Its soul is that of the table of Emilia-Romagna. The preparations are light and delicious, and the wine selection intelligently organized.."

Indian Express

"A new restaurant brings to the city the best culinary delights from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy."

Business Today

"The focus here, as you'd come to know, is clearly on serving you authentic Italian food from the Emilia-Romagna region and is a delight for all those looking for authentic Itallian cuisine in the city."

The Hindu

"The texture (Cappelletto pasta) was so perfect that it would really be a challenge for Chef Romina to replicate it every time. It was a great experience! I would certainly come back for fresh food and warm service."

Indian Food Freak

"Today was one of those days when I had one of my best Italian meals in Delhi."

So Delhi

This place defines fine-dining at its best. The whole platter (Piadina e Crescione) was thoroughly enjoyed and was totally preserved on our taste buds, only revitalizing our hunger further.

Sommelier India

Kanika Dhawan meets Gurpinder and Oscar Balcon

Mystic Foodie Mantra

Authentic, personalized, and rustic, you would surely come out feeling full not only on stomach but on your soul too.. A truly soulful experience. We give it a 4.5 / 5

Brown Paper Bag

"Artusi announces the arrival of excellent khandaan-style Italian to our city. Learning of its plans to "stay small", we were just happy to be part of the family."

Little Black Book Delhi

"At Artusi, it is not just a meal but an experience. And, a fabulous one at that! The next time you're heading out for a meal, this lace is just where one should go!"

Pop XO

"This proved to be one of the finest meals I have had in a long time, thanks mainly to the pastas. This one is a must for any lover of Italian food."

The Pioneer

"The entire meal will change the pre-conceived notion of Italian cuisine. You come out a more aware person with deeper understanding of regional diversity when it comes to world cuisine."

Indian Restaurant Spy

"Delhi's Finest Italian Restaurant is a Banker's Tribute to the man who gave Ialian cuisine an identity. Artusi therefore is not just any other Italian restaurant. Its soul is that of the table of Emilia-Romagna."

My Tasty Curry

"Gnocci Pesto e Patate is simply superb with soft melt in your mouth pasta lightly coated with sauce, rich indulgent and light at the same time. "

Bake a Mania

"You could make out, not only was it made with so much passion but served with equal passion too." "Indeed the meal was exquisite, definitely a cut above the rest."

Tiger's Experience

"At Artusi, there was warmth, interaction, personalisation, good service and freshness. Overall an amazing experience!"

Hello Magazine

La Dolce Vita

The Telegraph

Expect authentic Italian desserts like Panna Cotta ai Fichi e le Mandorle and Crema Pistacchio e Caffe. Like her grandmother, Lugaresi (at Artusi) whips up fresh pastry cream from scratch every day and assembles her deserts in dainty glasses."

The Financial Express

The table alignment brings with it the busy intimacy of a bistro in New York: low on fuss, high on food and efficiency.

Indian Express

A new restaurant brings to the city the best culinary delights from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.

Hindustan Times

A Slice of Italy. The new Italian restaurant called Artusi in GK-II in Delhi, is named after Pellegrino Artusi, one of the founders of Italian cuisine. It has a vast menu - lots of pasta, lots of fish and lots of meat.

My Unfinished Life

I totally loved the food and it was one of the best Italian foods I have had.


It's a paradise for Italian food lovers.

Belly Curious

A bite into their salad leaves and you would be amazed at the freshness as if one has just plucked them from the kitchen garden, just for you.

Mademoiselle Chou-Fleur

Despite international cuisine options springing about all over the city - very few if any at all, give you an authentic experience. Artusi has managed just that and I couldn't be happier.

Explosive Fashion

Grilled pork filled and wrapped in bacon, with rosemary potatoes and herbed tomatoes, exemplified where fine art and fine dining meet

Time Out Delhi

The panna cotta at Artusi, an Italian fine-dining establishment at Greater Kailash-II, is fantastic. It is served with a generous portion of fig jam and caramel, and was certainly the highlight of our meal.

Delhi Foodies Zone

This handmade white and green angel hair pasta was a treat to the eyes. Skeeter cannot even begin to write about the freshness of this one. The pasta was al dente and the sauce beautifully complemented its texture.

India Today

The restaurant's USP is its homemade pastas. Be it Pappardelle, or the Raviolo filled with ricotta cheese, spinach and chard, the range of pastas ere is mindboggling.

Rupali Dean Traveller and Foodie

Artusi is utterly charming, utterly homely, utterly comfortable and utterly delicious. "The menu is grand and extensive with faultless final products - nothing is compromised here."

BBC Good Food Magazine

Artusi CHIC: Artusi is a fine dining Italian eatery in the capital. Named after chef and cookbook writer Pellegrino Artusi, the restaurant specialises in handmade pasta and authentic fare from the EmiliaRomagna region of Italy.

Rum and Cheese

Another happy discovery in Delhi thanks to Restaurant Week India, Artusi holds a very special place in our hearts. A compact establishment in M Block market in Greater Kailash II, Artusi serves authentic Italian cuisine, more specifically, the cuisine of Emilia-Romagna region of north-eastern Italy.



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  • OPEN
  • 12 noon,
  • all day long
  • and until late
  • after midnight


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